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Study Guide for Quiz 3

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These are some important terms in the readings since Spring Break. You should understand what they mean.

  • Structuralism (Levi-Strauss) 
  • "Logic of the concrete" (Levi-Strauss)
  • Taboo (Douglas)
  • Infrastructure and Super-structure  (Marx)
  • Cultural ecology (Steward)
  • Cultural core (Steward)
  • ExT º C(White) ) 
  • Etic / Emic  (Harris) 
  • Cultural materialism  (Harris)
  • Ritual as transducer and homeostat (Rappaport)
  • Thick Description (Geertz)
  • Semiotic concept of culture (Geertz)
  • Ritual condensation (Turner) 
  • Dominant and instrumental symbols  (Turner)
  • Liminality (Turner)
  • Habitus  (Bourdieu)
  • Panopticism  (Foucault
  • Ethnographer as positioned subject  (Rosaldo)
  • Global ethnoscapes (Appadurai)



Here is a list of the authors we have read this semester, plus a few more that are been mentioned in Five Key Ideas. You should be able to place all these authors on the attached time line (for long-lived scholars, locating them at any point in their productive lives is fine). You should also know what each contributed to the development of ideas in anthropology. Timeline.doc

  • Arjun Appadurai
  • Gregory Bateson
  • Ruth Benedict
  • Franz Boas
  • Pierre Bourdieu
  • Philippe Bourgois
  • Charles Darwin
  • Mary Douglas
  • Emile Durkheim
  • E. E. Evans-Pritchard
  • Michel Foucault
  • Sir James Frazer
  • Clifford Geertz
  • Max Gluckman
  • Marvin Harris
  • Alfred Kroeber
  • Edmund Leach
  • Eleanor Leacock
  • Claude Levi-Strauss
  • Robert Lowie
  • Sir Henry Maine
  • Bronislaw Malinowski
  • Karl Marx
  • Marcel Mauss
  • Margaret Mead
  • Lewis Henry Morgan
  • A. R. Radcliffe-Brown
  • Paul Radin
  • Roy Rappaport
  • Renato Rosaldo
  • Edward Sapir
  • Herbert Spencer
  • Julian Steward
  • Victor Turner
  • Sir Edward Burnett Tylor
  • Max Weber
  • Leslie White
  • Benjamin Lee Whorf
  • E. O. Wilson


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